The Best Thai Massage in Singapore: Your Refreshing Guide

Sabaai thai massage

The traditional Thai massage is a millennial technique that is applied to the whole body from head to toes. It was created by the doctor, who was close to Buddha, with the intention to maintain his health in an optimal state.

Time passed. Two other different methods of application were created: one uses more acupressure and the other opens the body by extensive stretching. But both techniques have the same objective of unlocking physical, emotional and mental body, allowing them to be in perfect harmony, avoiding any illness or imbalance.

Sabaai thai massageSingaporean people enjoy Thai massage because of its final result. Thai massage parlors are settling down from early morning till late night all around the city. So you can relax at one of the parlors after a long day of the exploration of beautiful Singapore. Or you can prepare yourself for a new day by receiving a massage in the morning.

You just have to know the right place where you can transform into a fresh and ready for new adventures person.

Thai massage singapore best relaxation5 Best Thai Massage in Singapore

1. Thai Odyssey

If you doubt having a Thai massage in Singapore, because of the fact that it won’t be the same as it is in Thailand, don’t worry about that. The masseuses and the therapist at this parlor are from Thailand and have more than 5 years of experience. There you can get a traditional Thai massage, Thai aromatherapy massage or Thai Herbal Therapy.Thai odyssey singapore

Prices depend on what kind of relaxation you want and for how long. But the price ranges approximately from $25 to $45. Thai Odyssey is located in HarbourFront Center. You can get there by bus or metro. The name of the station will be the same in both cases – the Center.Thai odyssey

2. Sabaai Sabaai Thai Massage

This parlor is located right in the heart of the city at Boat Quay. That is why many office workers like to spend time there after work. It is a pretty popular Thai massage parlor, so it is better to book an appointment beforehand. Customers’ privacy is one of the most important things there.Sabaai most popular thai massage in singaporeEverything is new and clean made with a touch of Thai style. All this will make you feel absolutely comfortable. And the experts who work in Sabaai, Sabaai Thai Massage will revive your soul and renew your body. A 30 min traditional Thai massage will cost $48.Sabaai saabai thai singapore

3. Healing Thai Massage

This massage parlor is a paradise for night owls. While other parlors close their doors at 10 p.m., Healing Thai Massage welcomes its guests until 3 a.m. Besides, it offers cheaper prices. For $50 you can enjoy a traditional Thai massage or one with oil during 60 minutes. It is located on Jalan Besar and it is a convenient location for everyone who stays in Little India or Bugis Area.Healing thai massage

4. Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage

If you want to receive something a bit more interesting than just a traditional Thai massage, then this parlor is for you! There you can try Aromatherapy, Ear Candling and Foot Reflexology. Arunrat thai massage place

Arunrat Traditional Thai Massage has a clean and a pleasant environment, good prices and brilliant services. It is a reason why it has the reputation of one of the best Thai massage places in Singapore. As it is located on the Orchard Road you can go shopping after or before a spa reflexology.Arunrat thai massage

5. Ayutthaya The Royal Thai Massage

As you could have noticed by its name, this place is a superior spa center to enjoy not only a traditional Thai massage. This spa also offers manicure, pedicure, facial treatments and different Body Wellness programs. In its superior spa rooms you can spend a splendid day with its highly experienced masseurs and high quality products. Ayutthaya thai massage so comfortable

Ayutthaya The Royal Thai Spa is located in Rendezvous Hotel. And the prices are higher than in other Thai massage parlors. For 90 minutes of Royal Thai massage you are going to have to pay $248.Ayutthaya thai massage

You are only a few steps away from a transforming session that will refresh you from the inside out. Enjoy your spa day in magnificent Singapore.

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