Jurong Bird Park – The Largest Bird Park in the World

The Jurong Bird Park is the largest and one of the best bird zoos in the world. It features 5,000 birds of 380 different species. Children and nature lovers will especially love this place. The park occupies an untouched piece of a tropical rainforest and has almost two kilometers of trails that allow seeing up close all the species – from pelicans to penguins. The park has magnificent birds from all over the world, some of them in danger of extinction. Continue reading “Jurong Bird Park – The Largest Bird Park in the World”

Haw Par Villa: The Nightmare Theme Park

Do you remember the Tiger Balm? It is that miracle ointment that served to relieve headache and to warm the muscles of an athlete. And what does this Tiger Balm have to do with the Haw Par Villa? Well, both, the ointment and the theme park, were created by the same people. Aw Boon Haw and Aw Boon Par brothers, two Burmese-Chinese businessmen who made a huge fortune with their businesses that include several newspapers. Continue reading “Haw Par Villa: The Nightmare Theme Park”