East Coast Park Fresh and Fun

What are your first associations when it comes to mentioning Singapore? Anything a concrete jungle has to offer. Levels of buildings, bridges, millions of cars and lights, lights everywhere. You never think of this busy city as an ideal place to relax…on the beach, for example. But here is the deal – if you want to find anything in Singapore, you will find it. And the East Coast Park is the perfect oasis for those who got tired of the big city life. Continue reading “East Coast Park Fresh and Fun”

8 Beaches In Singapore, A Guide To Best Singapore Beaches

This is for all you beach bums who come to Singapore for the first time. You have to choose from a list of beautiful, treasured and offbeat Singapore beaches for your sun filled beach times. Think about the sandy beaches, refreshing wind blowing through your hair and a beautiful view of the sunset across the horizon. You can find all of it and more during your visit to beaches in Singapore. Continue reading “8 Beaches In Singapore, A Guide To Best Singapore Beaches”