Marina Barrage: Singapore’s Downtown Icon

Marina barrage singapore

It is difficult to imagine that the bay of Marina of Singapore has fresh water, because it borders with the sea. It is all because of the Marina Barrage, which protects low-lying areas of Singapore from flooding and serves as a barrier to salt water.

The original Marina Barrage project was created with a purpose to reserve fresh water to reduce dependence on supplies from Malaysia, and to protect Singapore from flooding. Subsequently, the project was reworked and there was added, the establishment of a family recreation area.

Marina barrage arielOver the pumping station of the dam, an exhibition center was built in the form of a shell, the roof of which is completely covered with a green lawn. The Marina Barrage was opened on the 1st of November in 2008. Today, locals make picnics and launch kites there.Marina barrage kites

Marina Barrage More Than Just a Dam

It is not just a dam. It is a small theme park that explains the importance of water conservation in Singapore and what the city does to provide it with water. In front of the pumping station there are several fountains, mainly for children’s games. The walls of the two-story pumping station building are completely transparent and you can see how everything is arranged there.Marina barrage skylineThe area is full of sculptures that try to foster ecological attitudes, with a space reserved for children to play with water jets. The Marina Barrage has become a place of fun and promoting an awareness of sustainability and preservation of natural resources.

A Green Roof

Above the pumping station there is a café and an intricate structure called the «Green roof».Marina barrage singapore's downtownThe roof has the size of four football fields and, besides the aesthetic, performs the functions of isolating the pumping station from the sun, which seems to reduce the cost of air conditioning. 50% of the energy consumed to cover the dam and to household needs come from solar panels.Marina barrage green roofThe design presents two independent trestles that rise in a spiral, forming a single roof. The whole thing is strewn with an ideal lawn. You can just lie down and rest, enjoying the views.

These and other activities allowed this project to get the maximum rating on the Green Mark.Marina barrage rooftop

A Sustainable Singapore Gallery

Singapore is very worried about the environment and everything related to the quality of life of the population. So the word “sustainability” has its own, almost paranoid shade here.Marina barrage sustainable singapore gallery entranceThis is due to the fact that Singapore for many decades fought for fresh water and cleaning of local rivers. And the level of life that the country enjoys in our days was achieved later and by the blood of many generations under the leadership of Lee Kuan Yew. He was the immortal prime minister who raised the country from total poverty in the 50s of the 20th century to the level of one of the most developed countries in the world.Inside the marina barrage sustainable singapore gallery

So this small museum will tell you the history of the creation of the Marina Barrage and the situation with fresh water in Singapore in general.

How to Get to Marina Barrage

You can reach Marina Barrage on the regular bus line number 400, which goes directly there. The bus leaves from a stop located about two minutes walk from Marina Bay Station. Exit the station «A».Marina barrage bus

Marina Barrage is more than just a dam. It tells the story of the city and tries to save our mother nature. You can come here in the evening to enjoy the splendid sunset and later multi-colored fountains and a fantastic panorama of the lights of Singapore that will leave you speechless.

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