A Guide to Visiting Clarke Quay Central – The Bustling Spot of Singapore

The beauty of clarke quay singapore

Clarke Quay is the urban and chic hang out place in Singapore bustling with Japanese restaurants, shopping centers, fashion boutiques and glistening white lights running along the Singapore river. Be it taking a walk down the riverside shopping or treating your family to an exotic dining experience, Clarke Quay offers it all.

Clarke quay singaporeClarke Quay central shops are the home to popular retail brands such as Charles and Keith, Skyroom and Shinnpark. There are over 25 boutique restaurants serving everything from Japanese buffet to English brunches. Thus, you can be absolutely confident that Clarke Quay central will not disappoint you with its food.Clarke quay nightlife

You can visit a choice of Japanese buffet or a la carte dining experience in Clarke Quay central. There are authentic options such as Kublai khan Mongolian restaurant International BBQ that serve you dishes right from the heartland of Mongolia. You have Marutama Ramen, Mitsuba Ramen Santouka, the two authentic Japanese ramen places are up a notch when it comes to serving delicious ramen dishes.Kublai khan mongolian

If you rather like to eat American (western), there’s chilli’s right across the Clarke Quay Central MRT. This is an American chain which is well known to serve American and Mexican delights all over the world.Clarke quay central chilis

Located at Clarke Quay MRT station, Clarke Quay shopping malls are accessible from all corners of the city. The Clarke Quay Central parking is a bit crowded during rush hours or on weekends and especially during official holidays. Hence, make sure you find your spot early on by visiting well ahead of the evening rush.Clarke quay central best singapore nightlife

The Clarke Quay shopping mall is known to have the biggest retail brands as well as small stores selling local offerings. Therefore, you can expect to find everything from Prada, Armani to something as small as a chai tea joint.Clarke quay central best shopping place

The restaurants inside the mall are situated on the topmost floor. While the restaurants serve authentic and exotic dishes from around the globe, they could be quite expensive. Thus, if you are in a mood to fine dining, these restaurants can offer you whatever you need. For smaller occasions, you might prefer to eat at the local inns outside of the Clarke Quay shopping mall.Clarke quay central restaurant

Talking of authentic food, we have to mention Clarke quay central’s Japanese buffet especially. There are restaurants such as Kiseki Japanese buffet and Mitsuba as mentioned before, which serve you delicious dishes such as raw sushi on a rice platter in an All you can eat- Buffet. Kiseki is known for offering mega Japanese buffet at mini prices. Forget about Japanese food burning a hole in your pocket, and try one of these buffets at Clarke Quay central.Clarke quay central kisekiThink of Sushi, Yakitori, Okonomiyaki and Japanise desserts for an all you can eat lunch buffet starting at prices as low as $14.95! It sounds like a dream come true but not in Clarke Quay Singapore.Clarke quay central japanese foodBack to Clarke Quay shopping mall where you can expect to have your shopping needs met. Although shoppers find Orchard better in terms options to shop from, Clarke Central nonetheless is worth a visit if you like mall browsing and a sumptuous dinner at a refined dining restaurant.Night scenery at clarke quay central

There are some select options for high-end shoppers as well. FiftyFive Tailor, a swanky little tailor situated by the riverside can offer you some fancy shirts market at $150 and above and designer buckles and tie knots marked $200 and above.The beauty of clarke quay singapore

Clarke Quay central is an experience you should not miss in Singapore because this is where you find every flavor of the city served with a modern twist.

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