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What are your first associations when it comes to mentioning Singapore? Anything a concrete jungle has to offer. Levels of buildings, bridges, millions of cars and lights, lights everywhere. You never think of this busy city as an ideal place to relax…on the beach, for example. But here is the deal – if you want to find anything in Singapore, you will find it. And the East Coast Park is the perfect oasis for those who got tired of the big city life.

Cycling at east coast parkSo… what does this amazing place have to offer? Take a look at our list of things to do in the Singaporean East Coast Park, which motto immediately puts you on the right wave – “recreation for all”.

Things to Do

Sunset at east coast parkEnjoy the sea. East Coast Park (as it is not hard to guess) is located exactly along the coast. Visitors can have a swim in the sea, catch some sun-rays and the little ones have the opportunity to have the time of their lives in a sand play area (Area E).

East coast park surfingTry some water sports. The sea is not only for relaxing and having a lazy time. Some like to put their water experience to a whole new extreme kind of level. Kayaking, dragon boating, surfing… How about trying it all?
Fishing. We are still holding on to a sea theme here. If you enjoy watching still water and hoping for the best – East Coast Park has just the right jetty for you. Come with your own equipment, and enjoy.

East coast park fitness cornerWant more sports? Frankly speaking, fitness and wellness opportunities in this park are practically endless. Cycling, hiking, jogging, inline skating and even Tai Chi. Feel yourself free to get that body into great shape.

Skate board at east coast parkThe world-class Xtreme SkatePark. Something worth mentioning separately from the sports section. That is a whole park in a park for the adrenaline skate lovers. And for those who like watching those guys.

East coast park campingCamping. Singapore residents have the opportunity to spend a night in the East Coast Park. Just don’t forget to apply for a camping permit.

East coast park barbecuingBarbecuing. It’s insane, but there are 80 BBQ spots located across the park! Bring your meat and vegetables and have a wonderful time poking your head out of the smoke. If you are not a BBQ fan – enjoy one out of many exceptional restaurants that the park has to offer.

East coast park eventsParticipate in one of the many events! Keep your eye on the schedule of activities on the official East Coast Park website. Usually, something exciting is happening every weekend. Free performances, giveaways, group exercising… Don’t miss the fun!

How to Get There?

Singapore busA taxi will cost around 12$ to get to the East Coast Park from the center of Singapore (Orchard Road). But you can always take a bus that leaves from the same Orchard Road. Bus number 16 will take you to Marine Terrace. There you will find an underpass, it takes you underneath the expressway and right into the East Coast Park.

Fees & Working Hours

The park entrance is free of charge and it is open 24 hours a day. The lights in East Coast Park are switched on between 7 p.m. and 7 a.m.

East coast park for family holidayThe park attracts more than 7 million visitors every single year. The huge territory with a long picturesque coastline gives everyone an opportunity to find something to their taste. This urban getaway covered in palms and Ketapangs is a paradise for nature lovers. Thanks to the rich scenery of the East Coast Park it attracts many photographers from all over the world. And that is no surprise.

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