Bugis Street Market – The Hottest Place for Shopping in Singapore

Bugis street in night

The Asian market is one of the main pillars of the international fashion industry.

Although the most common thought is to go shopping to the malls, because of their huge size, there are also other alternatives that fit the pocket of a low-budget tourist. The high-end brands and the famous chains of shops make us feel as if we are home, but still on the other side of the world. And they coexist with the small posts that reflect the cultural diversity of a country of immigrants.

The largest shopping district in Singapore – Bugis Street – has more than 800 shops and at dusk it turns into a lively night market.
Bugis street in night

Bugis Street Market Info
Bugis Street is Singapore’s largest commercial district that is famous throughout Asia. In the 1980s a remodeling has been carried out. It transformed a degraded walking area into an attractive market with more than 800 stores. Bugis Street is an ideal destination for the whole family. It can introduce you different shops, ranging from high fashion to music and literature and also to many types of food.

When It Gets Dark

Bugis street nightJoin the crowds that are approaching the Bugis Street Night Market every night. As the sun sets, the street is filled with sellers offering cheap food, handmade objects and collectibles in their trolleys.

It has nothing to do with Bugis Street during the day, but it is a great opportunity to get to know the local culture and to try some local delicacies. Choose from a wide range of juices or try a large bowl of laksa or stewed chicken – two of the local specialties.Bugis tasty juice stand

Avoid the Touristic Zone

Reserve at least two hours to stroll through the cobbled streets that’s make up the area. The shops on the ground floor offer mostly cheap gifts and souvenirs and are very touristy. Bugis singapore

On the upper floors you will find authentic bargains and all kinds of articles. You can choose amongst designer brands, traditional art, books, DVDs or CDs. This is a regular shopping place for Singaporeans, so you can avoid the high tourist prices that are presented on the ground floor.


Bugis street singaporeIf you want to bring some souvenirs from Singapore, Bugis Street Market is a perfect place to buy a few. You will find different types of key-chains, postcards for only a dollar. It is also considered as a Singapore city fashion spot.

If you look well enough, you can find whatever you want that suits any taste. If talking about fashion, you can buy a pair of jeans for $10, a pair of shoes for $15 and T-shirts for $5. Sunglasses and hat lovers can find some cool-styled accessories for $2.Bugis street marketWhen you decide to take a break from shopping – just grab a juice for $2 or any local food for $3.50.

How To Get There

The Bugis Street Market is located in the central area of the city, so it is a walk able distance from many of the hotels. Or if you are not into walking you can take a bus or the MRT. The name of the station is Bugis (obviously). Also, if you rent a car, there is a parking space available for the visitors.Bugis street

It is open every day and most of the stalls are already open around 11 a.m. And they do not close until the crowd is gone for good. That happens around 10-11 p.m.

Enjoy your Singaporean shopping and don’t get lost in the crowd.

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Bugis street market