Singapore Botanic Gardens: Urban Oasis

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It is impossible to visit Singapore without seeing the Singapore botanic gardens of the city. It is must see not only for being an oasis in the midst of the urban jungle, but for breathing the fresh air, for disconnecting from the city bustle and seeing people walking everywhere with the sole intention of not knowing where to go.

This visit is interesting that relaxes you and makes you see Singapore in another way.Awesome botanic garden singapore

A Bit of The History

The history of the appearance of the garden dates back to the time of Sir Stamford Raffles, the founder of Singapore and a true naturalist. In 1822, he ordered to create the first botanical garden in the economic interests of the country. At that time it was very important to cultivate such crops as nutmeg and cocoa beans.Best decorating at botanic garden singapore

Henry Ridley, a young British botanist, became the first director of the Botanical Garden in 1888. In the XIX century, he developed a method of obtaining latex from rubber plants without causing damage to the trees.

Being confident in the huge economic potential of this production, he exerted pressure on the planters so hard that he received the nickname «Mad Ridley». In the garden you can find a sculpture dedicated to him.Botanic garden singapore entrance

What To See

The botanical gardens invite you to enjoy the richness of the exotic flora of Singapore. This is not just a place where you can admire the beauty of incredible plants, but it is a natural oasis where you can feel yourself as a botanic explorer making new discoveries in science.

  • National Orchid Garden. It is the only place in the botanical gardens that you have to pay for, but it is worth it. It is the only garden in the world dedicated only to the orchids. National orchid garden entrance

The fee is $3.5, $1 for students and pensioners, and it is free for children under 12. In this amazing garden with a total area of 3 hectares, you can admire different varieties of magnificent orchids (1,000 species themselves and about 2,000 hybrid varieties).National orchid garden beauty

  • The Garden of The Flora of The Wetlands. Here you can get acquainted with the water lilies lazily floating on the deepened pond, with majestic papyrus, wax, palm and many other plants that could not exist without the aquatic habitat.The garden of the flora of the wetlands
  • Spice Garden. Is the most fragrant corner of the park. Here you will learn what spices were exported at the dawn of the existence of Singapore.Spice garden
  • Ginger Garden. The garden will please visitors with 550 kinds of ginger, and a small waterfall nearby will be an excellent find for you if you like cozy picturesque corners. There you can get amazing photos!Ginger garden
  • Rainforest. The creators of the park realized the importance of preserving the virgin rainforest, so they took a special corner of it, where the trees remain safe and continue to grow magnificently to this day.Rainforest
  • Swan Lake. There you can meet white swans. In addition to it, in the garden there is an Ecological Lake – a house of ducks and black swans. And the Symphony Lake with a stage in the middle awaits you on the weekends, where you can enjoy the wonderful music of the symphony orchestra for free.
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    World Heritage Site, Historic Singapore Botanic Gardens.

How to Get to The Botanic Gardens

You can take a yellow line of the metro and get off at the Botanic Gardens Station. Or hop on one of these buses: 48, 66, 151, 153, 154, 156, 170 and hop off on the station Singapore Botanic Gardens.Botanic garden station

The Singapore Botanic Gardens’ motto is ‘We connect plants with people’.

Its extension makes it a paradise in the middle of the big city. A terrain is suitable for walking, reading, going with family and children or with your pet. A place to get away for a while, take a drink and lie down on the lawn. A break here can be a great victory for you.Singapore botanic gardens visitors


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