The Best Yoga Studios in Singapore

Antigravity aerial yoga singapore so unique

Losing weight, obtaining a strong, flexible and healthy body, having a soft and shiny skin and a stillness set of mind, these are some of the different objectives that you could well have set yourself to achieve through the assiduous practice of yoga.

However, often yoga is partially understood as a practice to perform physical postures (asanas). From this perspective, its usefulness is perceived only on a physical level. With the benefits that are achieved by seeking union and balance between body, mind and breathing coming unnoticed. It is evident that when everything lives in harmony, the path of life becomes easier, happier and full enjoyed.Best yoga singapore

Some people like practicing yoga in studios or gyms, while others prefer to practice it at home or somewhere outside. If you are in Singapore, than don’t miss a chance to get in to one of their best yoga studios. For your ease we create a list of best Yoga studios in Singapore, you may give them a visit.Best yoga studio singapore

6 Best Yoga Studios in Singapore

Updog Studio

Updog yoga singapore member The main objective of this finest hot yoga studio is to reach mental and physical healing. Professional instructors also offer private yoga classes. Updog yoga singapore

The cozy Updog Studio is located on the road that is home to the best Singaporean food in the East – on East Coast Road. The fee is $290 for 10 classes, which is a pretty great deal! If you are not sure about this yoga studio, you can sign up for a free-trial class.


Vyasa yoga singaporeThis is a mix of Eastern philosophies and scientific research. It is backed up by the world’s best yoga university in India – Vyasa. You can try their Cyclic Meditation workshop, if you feel anxiety and stress. The workshop was designed by a former space scientist from NASA.

Antigravity Aerial Yoga Singapore

Antigravity aerial yoga singapore so unique Have you ever thought about doing a downward dog pose, while hanging upside down? In Antigravity Aerial Yoga you will have to trust a harness swing to do yoga poses and fly! Sounds crazy?Antigravity aerial yoga singapore

Beginners can feel discouraged, but the professional instructors will take care of you. A one week introductory trial will cost $55. For sure, it is a memorable way of practicing yoga and trying out something new!

Pure Yoga Singapore

Pure yoga singapore The mission of this studio is to balance out the lifestyles of the yoga practitioners. Pure Yoga became popular in Singapore for its spacious studios, luxurious change rooms and showers, highly experienced teachers and amazing panoramic views from the studio. Pure yoga studio singapore

It also offers many different yoga classes ranging from ones for the beginners to classes for the intermediates.

True Yoga Singapore

It belongs to one of the largest fitness groups of Asia – True Group. True Yoga also provides daily events and workshops. «Fusion Night» is one of those interesting events to promote the message of staying in shape.  True yoga singapore interior

Located on Orchard Road and Raffles Place it is a perfect place to practice yoga for office workers, for example. You can come to this studio with your children, because it also offers kids classes. Or you can practice Pilates or even a Bollywood dance! And trial sessions are also available. The course fee starts from $148 per month.True yoga singapore studio

Yoga Inc.

It is not just a yoga studio, it is a yoga community. There you will meet professional instructors who have big love for yoga, because it has changed their lives. Yoga inc singapore

Besides yoga classes, they offer different workshops as the «7 days challenge» that became very popular nowadays. Also, Yoga Inc supports SOSD (Save Our Street Dogs). So you will love this place even more, if you are an animal lover. A single class costs $35, but you can pay $300 and get a 10 class card that is valid during 3 months.Yoga inc

With the busy days that we have, sometimes we forget to spend a little time only for ourselves. The yoga studios in Singapore will help you look and feel more energetic, healthy and happy.

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