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This is for all you beach bums who come to Singapore for the first time. You have to choose from a list of beautiful, treasured and offbeat Singapore beaches for your sun filled beach times. Think about the sandy beaches, refreshing wind blowing through your hair and a beautiful view of the sunset across the horizon. You can find all of it and more during your visit to beaches in Singapore.

Awesome beaches in singaporeSingapore is an Island city surrounded by water (Indian Ocean) on all of its sides. The locals call it a red dot floating in the ocean. As beautiful as the city is, beaches in Singapore can take you out of the city bustle into serene environments.Lazarus island and beaches in singapore

You can visit the best beaches in Singapore all the year round, but the best times are from November to early March. Here’s the list of 8 popular beaches in Singapore including the beaches in the Sentosa Island and the east coast beaches.

Palawan beach, Sentosa

Palawan beach singaporeIt is famous for its pirate-themed water park- port of the lost world. If I can paint a picture of this beach, it would have swarmed rows of palm trees, shining white sand, crystal clear water and bluish green ocean bed. Kids are crazy about the adventure-themed water park and so are the adults. You can also find rope bridges, beam towers, a fake but natural looking pirate ship and a number of treasure boxes.Palawan beach singapore bridge

To satisfy your beach hunger, you can find cabana style beach bars, restaurants, and food joints.

Siloso beach, Sentosa

Lot of fun at siloso beach This is one of the most happening beaches in Singapore. Every December, this beach is the host for one of the world’s biggest beach side new year’s party- the siloso beach party. On regular days, beach bums could be found playing beach volleyball, and soccer on the shores and occasionally taking shelter by the numerous eateries and bars. Siloso beach singapore

This beach is bustling with activities. You can find people playing Frisbee, horse riding, canoeing, hence if you are only going to sit around, Siloso is probably not your kind of beach.

Tanjong beach, Sentosa

One the best beaches in Singapore, Tanjong beach is the ultimate stop for the biggest beach parties in the year. The Tanjong beach club is a permanent club that organizes all these parties for guests and residents of resorts world at Sentosa. Tanjong beach poolsideThink about everything starting from night beach parties, music by the ocean bed, free flowing alcohol, and a swarm of new people you could meet and make friends with.

Changi beach, mainland Singapore

Changi beachThis beach is located in the east coast cluster and is one of the best tropical beaches in Singapore. It’s a destination for family outings, leisure and bird watchers, people flock here from all corners of Singapore to enjoy the beach in its natural magnificence. The beach is still best known for plane spotting because of its closeness to Changi airport.

Punggol beach, Mainland Singapore

Punggol beach This is one of the most offbeat beaches you could visit in Singapore. It’s a peaceful and serene environment with untouched, pristine. This beach is kind of hidden, but still well connected to the main city by MRT and shuttle buses. Sunset at punggol beachThis is not very popular among tourists, but is frequented by couples and people who are seeking peace and solace.

Kusu Island

This island is the home to thousands of sea turtles. The beaches are pristine, with crystal clear water and white sand, lush green palm trees and cool wind.Kusu islandThe only catch is that camping is strictly not allowed in this island to ensure the safety of the turtles.

Lazarus Island

All about lazarus islandYou can have the tropical serenity, peaceful and tranquil surroundings, blended with clear, blue water. Away from the city noise, this island has been able to maintain a mystery around it. The atmosphere is cool and relaxing and can compete with the best honeymoon destinations around the world. You can find exotic seafood and eateries along the long sidewalks.Olympus digital camera

Pulau Ubin

Pulau Ubin is famous for its Chek Jawa wetland beaches. Secluded from the hustle of the city in a village like sedating atmosphere, you can expect to have one the best experiences of beach camping that you have ever had. Pulau ubinYou can taste the authentic dishes from the local eateries, rent bikes to go around biking and find souvenir shops for shopping.

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I hope you will enjoy your time at all these top beaches in Singapore. Please don’t forget to share your experience with us. Do you know any other beach in Singapore attract you the most? Just comment the name of the beach, we will try to collect more info about that.
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